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Carrie Barnes Carrie Barnes Accounting Carrie Barnes
B.J. Bosco B.J. Bosco Accounting B.J. Bosco
Mallory Cercena Mallory Cercena Administrative and Support Mallory Cercena
Jonna Radtke Jonna Radtke Administrative and Support Jonna Radtke
Karmen Hansen Karmen Hansen Accounting Karmen Hansen
Nicolette Koves Nicolette Koves Accounting Nicolette Koves
Pamela Flynn, CAM, CAPS Pamela Flynn, CAM, CAPS Department Managers Pamela Flynn, CAM, CAPS
James Hain James Hain Brokerage James Hain
Patrick Kieffe Patrick Kieffe Department Managers Patrick Kieffe
Gerald P. Kelly, CPM®, RPA, LEED AP Gerald P. Kelly, CPM®, RPA, LEED AP Asset Management Gerald P. Kelly, CPM®, RPA, LEED AP
Jonathan Hoeser Jonathan Hoeser Brokerage Jonathan Hoeser
Kelly Foral, NALP, CAM Kelly Foral, NALP, CAM Multi-Family Management Kelly Foral, NALP, CAM
Matt Hasenjager Matt Hasenjager Brokerage Matt Hasenjager
Tony Young Tony Young IT Tony Young
Susan Bishop Susan Bishop Facilities Management Susan Bishop
Denny Sciscoe, CCIM Denny Sciscoe, CCIM Brokerage Denny Sciscoe, CCIM
Keele Taylor MA, PHR, SHRM-CP Keele Taylor MA, PHR, SHRM-CP Administrative and Support Keele Taylor MA, PHR, SHRM-CP
Holly Jones Holly Jones Brokerage Holly Jones
Jessica Diamond Jessica Diamond Administrative and Support Jessica Diamond
Leesa Currin Leesa Currin Accounting Leesa Currin
Valerie Citro, CAM Valerie Citro, CAM Multi-Family Management Valerie Citro, CAM
Matt Owen Matt Owen Facilities Management Matt Owen
Tami Moore, CAM, CAPS Tami Moore, CAM, CAPS Department Managers Tami Moore, CAM, CAPS
David Gentry David Gentry Multi-Family Management David Gentry
Greg Foral, CAPS, CAM Greg Foral, CAPS, CAM Asset Management Greg Foral, CAPS, CAM
Allicia McDonald Allicia McDonald Accounting Allicia McDonald
Connor Lund Connor Lund Brokerage Connor Lund
Esther Loera Esther Loera Administrative and Support Esther Loera
Billie Taylor Billie Taylor Facilities Management Billie Taylor
Lisa Swope Lisa Swope Accounting Lisa Swope
Meredith Taylor Meredith Taylor Accounting Meredith Taylor
Darvi Fauble Darvi Fauble Accounting Darvi Fauble
Sabrina Krischuk Sabrina Krischuk Administrative and Support Sabrina Krischuk
Tracy Porter Tracy Porter Accounting Tracy Porter
Toni Flynn Toni Flynn Property Management Toni Flynn
Jane Heath Jane Heath Administrative and Support Jane Heath
Michael P. Earl Michael P. Earl Brokerage Michael P. Earl
Jared Frey Jared Frey Accounting Jared Frey
Munica Brophy Munica Brophy Multi-Family Management Munica Brophy
Taylor Fauble Taylor Fauble Accounting Taylor Fauble
Julie Reeks Julie Reeks Accounting Julie Reeks
Jake Denker Jake Denker Brokerage Jake Denker
Mary Michaelsen Mary Michaelsen Administrative and Support Mary Michaelsen
Bethany Bishop Bethany Bishop Administrative and Support Bethany Bishop
Kurt Weeder Kurt Weeder Brokerage Kurt Weeder
Bobbi Sramek Bobbi Sramek Administrative and Support Bobbi Sramek
Melinda Encarnation Melinda Encarnation Accounting Melinda Encarnation
Carrie Bakke Carrie Bakke Administrative and Support Carrie Bakke
Amanda Burchfield, CAM Amanda Burchfield, CAM Multi-Family Management Amanda Burchfield, CAM
Jessica Opat-Szapacs, CAM Jessica Opat-Szapacs, CAM Multi-Family Management Jessica Opat-Szapacs, CAM
Hope Dendinger Hope Dendinger Project Management and Development Services Hope Dendinger
Timothy Mettenbrink Timothy Mettenbrink Project Management and Development Services Timothy Mettenbrink
Ryan Hill Ryan Hill Accounting Ryan Hill
Angie Scobee Angie Scobee Administrative and Support Angie Scobee
Howard Shrier Howard Shrier Brokerage Howard Shrier
Suzanne Boritzki Suzanne Boritzki Facilities Management Suzanne Boritzki
Justin Riviera Justin Riviera Brokerage Justin Riviera
Sam Elliott Sam Elliott Brokerage Sam Elliott
Gabriel Gianes Gabriel Gianes Multi-Family Management GianesGabriel Gianes
Tanya Shapiro, CAPS Tanya Shapiro, CAPS Asset Management Tanya Shapiro, CAPS
Emily Walter Emily Walter Multi-Family Management Emily Walter
Robert Ellison Robert Ellison Brokerage Robert Ellison
Troy Jamison Troy Jamison Facilities Management Troy Jamison
Misty Belsha Misty Belsha Administrative and Support Misty Belsha
Dylan McCabe Dylan McCabe Brokerage Dylan McCabe
Jessica Selde Jessica Selde Accounting Jessica Selde
Richard Secor, Jr., CCIM Richard Secor, Jr., CCIM Brokerage Richard Secor, Jr., CCIM
Trey MacKnight Trey MacKnight Brokerage Trey MacKnight
Donna Culbertson Donna Culbertson Accounting Donna Culbertson
Sharon Thamm Sharon Thamm Administrative and Support Sharon Thamm
Tyler Manley Tyler Manley Administrative and Support Tyler Manley
Spencer Secor Spencer Secor Brokerage Spencer Secor
Tracy Ramirez Tracy Ramirez Administrative and Support Tracy Ramirez
Sharon Nouss Sharon Nouss Administrative and Support Sharon Nouss
Ginny Larsen Ginny Larsen Accounting Ginny Larsen
Paul Rutherford Paul Rutherford Facilities Management Paul Rutherford
Jason Fisher Jason Fisher Brokerage Jason Fisher
Dina Powers Dina Powers Accounting Dina Powers
John Lund John Lund Brokerage John Lund
Shaun Weishaar Shaun Weishaar Administrative and Support Shaun Weishaar
Stacie Anderson Stacie Anderson Administrative and Support Stacie Anderson
Carisa Ames Carisa Ames Project Management and Development Services Carisa Ames
Heidi Vargo Heidi Vargo Administrative and Support Heidi Vargo
Andrew Bennett Andrew Bennett Brokerage Andrew Bennett
Gayla Houck Gayla Houck Accounting Gayla Houck
Martin Patzner, CPM®, RPA Martin Patzner, CPM®, RPA Brokerage Martin Patzner, CPM®, RPA
Cassandra McMullin Cassandra McMullin Multi-Family Management Cassandra McMullin
Jennifer Skoumal Jennifer Skoumal Asset Management Jennifer Skoumal
Nicholas O’Brien Nicholas O’Brien Brokerage Nicholas O’Brien
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